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تدور القصة حول “جيل” التي تختفي شقيقتها فجأة، وتيقن بخطفها مرة أخرى من قبل القاتل الذي خطفها سالفا منذ عامين، وعندها تقرر مواجهته لإنقاذ شقيقتها من قبضته.


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A completely focused Performance highlights this somewhat familiar Tale of a Woman who has been severely traumatized by…that is the question. Is it all in her head, is she delusional, did something really happen to her or is she completely “Gone”?

This is played out throughout this competent Thriller as She believes that the source of her pain and suffering is back and has abducted her Sister. This unleashes Her barely pent up Rage and propels Her on an unstoppable quest to evoke Revenge and rescue Her Sis.

This is a bit above a routine exercise in Serial Killer Clichés as it focuses on a truly riveting and believable Amanda Seyfried as the troubled Heroine. Truth is that she is damaged and not really in complete control of her affliction and this lends a certain edginess to the Film as you never really know what She is going to do next, or what Lie She will fabricate, it seems at will, in a moments notice.

Worth a look for Fans of this type of thing and those who like strong Females willing to go the distance even if it means facing your most frightening fears.

القسم : إثارة - افلام اجنبية - دراما - غموض
تاريخ الإصدار :
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منصة العرض : متعدد الوسائط
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