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يتلقى مدير مصرف برفقة أبنائه في السيارة مكالمة هاتفية غامضة تخبره عن وجود قنبلة تحت مقعده وستنفجر بمجرد توقف السيارة أو الخروج منها، ليبدأ سباق مخيف للفرار من الموت!


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This is the third version I watched … and I heard there will be a Hollywood version as well. So there we go. I can’t imagine it getting better than the spanish original. But I would say that the other versions do have certain things that work – not just locally. The police thing was better handled in the German version, the family and father interaction is a bit better in this Korean version.

But as you can imagine and as I already sort of stated, stick with the original movie if you can – and if you either speak spanish or do not have issues with subtitles. All in all this is decent, but I’ve seen better thrillers from Korea. Technically you cannot fault it at all – and the actors do their best too.

This Korean thriller is a remake of the Spanish film El desconocido (2015) with Luis Tosar in the lead role and directed by Dani de la Torre. According to the director’s statement in The Korean Herald, it should be similar to the original film with special settings that fit Korean circumstances. The same story was filmed once again in Germany as Steig. Nicht. Aus! (2018). An American remake of the Spanish original titled as Retribution with Liam Neeson in the lead role is also planned.

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