Monsters in the Closet 2022

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When famous horror author Raymond Grant dies under mysterious circumstances, his daughter returns home to investigate his death. Jasmin discovers her father was using evil black magic to write his newest horror masterpiece. When the author’s audio book is played out loud monsters, zombies and terrifying beings spring from the undead pages to haunt the living. Never open a Pandora box that can’t be closed.

Following her father’s death, a young woman begins to look into his life as a writer and finds that his latest book was written with black magic, causing the stories he wrote to come to life with deadly consequences.

The Good Stor(ies): Please Kill Me Again-In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a young woman awakes from an encounter to find that she’s become a zombie but is unable to process that fact. Still aware of her emotions but unable to come to terms with being a zombie, she tries to survive the night as the invasion carries on throughout the community. There’s a lot to like with this one. The setup is quite enjoyable with the idea of the woman still cognizant of the situation but not realizing that she’s a zombie comes off rather well, the situations with the creatures confronting human victims trying to escape the situation keeps this one moving along nicely and is filled with some decent enough gore-gags and zombie make-up to be an intriguing indie effort. The first-person shooting of most of the segment alongside her narration is quite innovative and adds a solid touch to this one that’s incredibly fun to see play out.

Frankenstein’s Wife-After accidentally killing his wife, a mad doctor sets out to revive her only to inadvertently screw up the process leaving her dissatisfied with the results. Forced to do it over and over again to equally futile results, he finally finds himself forced to great lengths to please her and himself. Overall, this is a quirky and somewhat humorous but still somewhat troublesome ending segment. The fact that so much of this one is dependant on the humor of the various reanimation setups, the decidedly quirky humor of him being a henpecked and exasperated scientist that has to keep on bringing her back to life despite her ungrateful behavior that grows evermore troublesome as the experiments are that much more unsuccessful. The problem is that the joke wears thin after a while and everything just turns into a painful experience the longer it goes on since it feels far longer than it really does, especially with the way it ends. The effects are cheesy fun but that’s about all that’s going on here.

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