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Or a yawn from the drivers seat, having spent near 100 minutes of my life watching this amateurstricken horrormocumentaryslashercomedy, about a typical nomadic northamerican truckdriver that turns into a serial killer because his location/dot on the paper map matches the lines of his imaginary paintwork of art, and to make a portrait of lines you will actually need many dots.and each dot is a kill….

itsa repeating story of drivin eating killing and gravedigging, the revealing story of why is pushed in between the lines, a witty lead actor that does his deeds with stern steadiness, but not as funny as they aimed it to be. Any slasher lover will feel the joy from it i guess , i didnt.

What i liked though was the small inserts of animated story, that clutches the drive of kill bill, but thats it. A homeless and toothless whacker story with no sense of ballony, its a no recommend from the grumpy old man.

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منصة العرض : متعدد الوسائط
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