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تشا او سول طالب بالثانوية يعاني سنوات من التنمر يجد نفسه سجيناً بسبب حادث غير متوقع فيلتقي هناك ببطل الفنون القتالية المختلطة جونج دو هيون ليساعده بتجاوز حدود تحمله وقوته وتتبدل حياته .


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Kungfu-fighting, muy tai, mma, ufc wrestling, karate , budo ,judo and boxing at a juvenile level then this is a treat. Verykorean in style and demeanors, hollywoodish in story and hong kongish on plot.

Its a juvenile delinquents story where fighting is done by the pecking order, and as it seems there are few guards and seemingly nonrealistic settings to be a correctional unit of the south korean government, but its a film after all…

there are much fighting, seems like some of the punch lines mustve thrown some of the actors to the medic for mending, and the power of violence is pretty high, the intro especially may make you gap.

So if you hunger for a good fighting film the grumpy old man recommends, but for the squemish rest its just another karate-kid set up. The production all over is a low budgie and not a black tulip like the best of south korean silver screen products.

Cha Woo Sol, a victim of school violence who was imprisoned in a boys’ prison due to an unexpected incident, meets mixed martial arts champion Jeong Do Hyeon and breaks his limit one by one in order to seek for revenge and make his bully pay.

القسم : أكشن - افلام اسيوية
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منصة العرض : متعدد الوسائط
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